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What is Reiki?​

It is everything you need to feel Anchored in your mind body and spirit.

Reiki originated in Japan in 1922 as a natural healing technique by the means of energy. Energy healing has been proven to improve several physical pains, emotions, and stress. During a session, the practitioner's hands are gently placed, or hovered, over the client. The universal life force energy (that already exists around us) is channeled through the practitioner as if they were a straw. That positive, cleansing, uplifting and relaxing energy is projected to the client, allowing the energy to go where it needs to, and heal where healing is needed!

Reiki has been used for an array of things- people, pets and even plants. It is great for relaxation, stress relief, centering, as an aid in healing an ailment/illness, a time to meditate, and of course, balancing chakras (energy centers within us). Everyone has 7 main energy centers within their body, and when an energy center is blocked, it inhibits good energy flow- something we all need for inner peace and good health! When everything is aligned, clear and open, life itself is fluid. Think of Reiki as a mind, body, and soul connector!

As a Reiki practitioner and lover of stones/crystals, I tend to use healing stones/crystals during a session (this is optional). These are minerals that come from the earth with their own vibrations, and their own purpose. Lucky for us, we can use them as an adjunct in healing ourselves!

What to expect during a Reiki session? You will lie on a table fully clothed with relaxing music playing, essential oils diffused in the air, warm cozy blankets and even an eye mask while receiving healing energies.

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