A little About My Space


My location is within Path 2 Harmony at 1182 Boston Neck Road in Narragansett, RI (the Coldwell Banker building). My studio is primarily being served as a space to practice Reiki, IET, and offer Tarot/Angel card readings. I, of course, will be decorating my space with my art, which will be for sale! You may also find pieces for sale throughout the hallway and on the Coldwell Banker side of the building, so feel free to take a look around!

While my 2-car garage worked well for hosting workshops over the summer, I am happy to move these indoors to a more "official" location within this space! 

Path 2 Harmony consists of several practitioners/individual business owners who offer many holistic health services including Reiki, IET, Reflexology, Energy Healing for Pets, Mindfulness Coaching, Psychic readings, Classes, and more! We are practicing strict COVID-19 protocols/guidelines so you can be sure that the health and safety of all is our priority.

You can view my rates and book your appointments through here!


For special requests for days/times, you can call/text/e-mail me! And if you just want to peek at my art, you are more than welcomed to reserve a time slot for that, as well by filling out the request form here!


Call/text: 401-316-6401

E-mail: anchoredsoulri@gmail.com

1182 Boston Neck Road, Narragansett, RI 02822