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A Little More About My "Small" Business

Hi! If you read the "About Me" section, I appreciate the fact that you want to get to know me, and I also appreciate the fact that you're here reading about my very special, sacred and safe space! This is MY BABY! I pour my heart and soul into my business and this is it's physical presence- welcome! I opened my gallery in the Pawtuxet Village in Cranston (where I grew up) in May of 2021, so this is very very VERY nostalgic for me! 

A lot happens under this roof, and as of right now I am a one woman show! This space serves as an art gallery, a reiki treatment room, a studio for creating art and hosting workshops, reading tarot and holding other events such as sound baths, wine tastings, gallery nights and private parties! SO FUN right?!

My intention for this space is to provide a location for people to be present, to relax and find something that is handmade, one of a kind and very special to them! November of 2021 was the beginning of introducing other local RI businesses to my gallery. I always put a lot of thought into the process, and my goal is to provide a variety of handmade items that are natural, earthy, spiritual or unique to their own, as well as products that support our health holistically. While doing so, I find great joy in helping other small businesses to expand, grow and/or share their love & passion with all of you!

It is a magical world we live in, we are powerful beings, and I want nothing more than my space to be a place where you can step into your power, find that inner peace- even just for a moment. That moment will always go a long way.

Thank you, again for taking the time to read! See you soon.

With love & gratitude,


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