A Wave Of Sunshine. 
You ready for the very deep meaning of this piece 😆?! 
A wave is a symbol of faith, emotions, opportunities and strength. She is a strong force you cannot control- you can only have faith in. But what lies underneath? What is within the wove? Within THIS wave is a sunrise of hope, light, life, rebirth and awakening. In the middle of the sun is an amethyst healing crystal that brings a sense of “calm” to the waters, and trusting your intuition. Around the sun you will find many chips of amethyst “radiating” off of the sun rays. The blue waters (mussel shells) allow these emotions of clear perception and inner trust to flow to the surface where the awakening (the mini sunrise) and new life of feelings, opportunities and perceptions bring success. Around this small sunrise at the peak of the wave are chips of citrine healing crystal. Citrine connects with our solar (sun) plexus chakra, giving us confidence, bringing success and joy!  Life has it’s ups and downs, just like the waves of the ocean. It is up to us how we decide to perceive and how we handle the “ride the wave”. The moral of this piece is telling you there is light in everything, even in the shallows- sometimes you just have to make the conscious choice to rise above in order to succeed✨🌊☀️. Approximate dimensions: 19in x 14in. 

A Wave Of Sunshine