-AIR Element/Zodiac Healing Wand- 
A common question I get about what to do when clearing a space with sage and a healing wand is “What do I do after I light the sage?”. Well, blow it out, let it smoke, and waft the smoke around with the feathers of the healing wand. You can say your intentions out loud, or in your head, but always set an intention for the clearing! Some days I want to send calming vibes to my space and other times I want to feel more grounded or even energetic. This lead me to create this line! Each wand is great to aid in clearing your space, but with a little more of a specific intention (described below)🙏🤗. 
Each healing wand is made from handpicked driftwood, feathers and a healing crystal associated with that particular element. I chose the driftwood based on the elemental vibe it gave me 🤗. Additionally, I burned the element symbols and name in the driftwood and blessed each crystal with reiki energy ✨. 
If you are an Aquarius, Gemini or a Libra, the AIR healing wand may be speaking to you! It has a blue calcite healing crystal which absorbs energy, filters it and returns the replenished energy. It also lifts anxieties and soothes your nerves! I chose this piece of driftwood bc the smoothness and flip at the bottom reminded me of the breeze! 💨

AIR Element/Zodiac Healing Wand