Lastly, from the *4 Elements Witch Collection*, here is your AIR witch💨. This is an 8x10 shadow box with a painted background, handpicked rocks and shells. In the rocks and on the tip of her hat you can find tumbled clear quartz chips✨. When I think air, I think light, fluffy and flowy magic. This adventurous witch takes in the early morning breeze while she stands bravely on the edge of a cliff that is filled with fluffy dandelion wishes. These wishes are swirling around her- creating an atmosphere full of dreams that are being amplified by the clear quartz and manifested by her and the moon 😍🙌🏻.

.The other 3 element witches are also for sale, and if you want all 4 there is a special price for the entire collection 🤗 $111 (all 4 for $444). 

Air Witch ~ 4 Elements Witch Collection