So this one has a story...
I am calling this a *Personalized Crystal Grid Mandala*. I created this one based off of my current life, feelings, interests, etc.! Below I have bullet pointed the meaning behind this piece. 
I would like to offer this as a custom order option to have your OWN made, personalized to you. We would have to chat in depth a little so I can energetically feel what calls to me and also hear what calls to you and blend the two! Let me know if you’re interested!
Here are the details of this 12x12 canvas:

•Pyrite for abundance, wealth, manifestation and prosperity✨

•Amethyst for connecting with intuition, third eye and stress relief✨

•Clear quartz over the three-ring spiral to amplify all crystals and intentions✨

•Triangles/points to direct the energy in all directions✨

•Zigzags to symbolize the ups and downs ⚡️

•Lotus flower for blossoming, enlightenment, knowledge and rebirth through any struggles🌺

•Anchor for grounding, stability and security as well as bringing in an ocean/water vibe. This anchor also represents a person (do you see the head and arms?) embodying all of the magic in this piece, and of courseee ANCHORED SOUL. ⚓️

•The “arms” of the anchor floating upwards to the divine and curling into a wave 🌊 💫

•Mermaid colors and scales for goddess/ocean energy🌟

•A rainbow for positivity and peace 🌈 

•The eye (or eyes depending on how you 👁 it) for the third eye 👁

•Swirls to symbolize reiki energy/power symbol✨

•Designs in 3’s as the number 3 is a pillar of growth and development. Mind, body, Soul. ✨

•7 triangles for the 7 main chakras and because it is also my favorite magical number! ✨

•Gold for healing energy ✨

Anchor/Lotus Crystal Grid Mandala