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Ascending Into Passionate Joy.

A reiki-infused 12x12 panel canvas in a shadow box painted with a mandala stencil (a first for me!), and charged up with crystals, shells and MANY more touches of paint to make for a powerful piece!

The healing intention for this mandala is PROFOUND. Created to communicate with the sacral chakra for passion, playfulness and creativity. I used amazonite crystals not only for inspiration on colors, but also because of its harmonious link to the energy of the throat chakra- a chakra for communication and self-expression. The Amazonite asks “how can you express your creativity to promote authentic happiness”?

Energetically, the throat and sacral chakra are very connected when it comes to manifesting our desires! Additionally, I added yellow and white as the base or background of the canvas to connect with the universe and the power of the solar plexus to signify coming from a place of pure, divine bliss. Citrine healing crystals surround the OM symbol in the center to promote that joy and happiness. “OM” is the vibration and consciousness of the entire universe. It brings about an ascension and expansion of our energy (and the energy of this piece!). Go ahead, say it out loud and feel your vibe rise! The swirls in the snail shells generate the energy from the mandala/crystals and the clear quartz points not only amplify the intention and vibration, but also helps to send this energy outward!

Ascension Into Passionate Joy