Boho Moon Phases with Healing Crystals! 🤭✨🤗.With the full moon approaching I had to get another one of these moon pieces in! This time I gave it more of a bohemian style, and used amethyst and green calcite for crystals. This is made from sliced, handpicked driftwood (which I painted the phases on) and they are secured to whitewashed wood. White nautical rope is draped from the frame and has 5 raw amethyst crystals and 4 pieces of green calcite. Amethyst brings stress and anxiety relief, it helps to calm the mind and body, enhance intuition and is helpful with sleeping and addictions. Green calcite is great for balancing, grounding, healing and opening the heart chakra! This is all infused with Reiki energy and is ready to give off beautiful vibrations to any space! Approximate dimensions: 30L x 1 in W x 30 in H

Boho Moons w/ Healing Crystals