A *limited edition* seashell flower on a driftwood stem with a clear quartz and pyrite center! The wooden vase has a piece of lace around the neck as well as nautical rope tied with two feathers, two clear quartz points and two iridescent shells from it. All shells (with exception of the iridescent ones) are handpicked from Assateague Island (thank you, mom!) where the horses run wild, making this a limited edition piece! My intent was to give this a healing, earthy, strong, high vibrational, bohemian vibe that embodies a nautical feel! I, of course, put my Reiki energy into this beauty 🥰. .Pyrite is a great healing stone for prosperity, manifestation, and increases positive thinking and willpower. Clear quartz amplifies high vibrations and clears out any negative energies. It is also used as an activator in crystal grids, so it’s purpose in this piece is to direct all the benefits from itself and the pyrite outward! Additionally, I placed 6 iridescent top shells which energetically increases the energy and helps to spiral that energy outward!!! So magical ✨⚓️🤗.Approximate dimensions: 26 inches H x 4 in D x 6.5 in W. 

Boho ZenFlower *Limited Edition*