This has been sold, but can be made in a similar way, just for you💜. 

Butterfly Breath- A piece for those who have lost or hurt, and have chose to see the light in the dark. I created this piece after losing my sister, Amy, on February 22, 2020. My heart was (and is) heavy, the grief was (and is) real, and the only thing I wanted to do was create. I’m finally ready to share her with you, so here she is! While painting with a heavy heart, I knew I wanted to have a positive spin to the piece, because let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be one of mine if there wasn’t “love and light” involved ✨. So, this beautiful, full-lipped, dark-haired and wounded woman (just like Amy) is sending out a breath of air that is transforming all the hurt, pain and negative feelings into a greater purpose. You could look at it so many different ways- Rebirth. letting go of something in order to grow (mentally, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually). Moving on in life because it’s what you need to do, even though it hurts. Sending love to someone you’re hurting for. Sending peace to this Earth during the COVID-19 pandemic, or any other traumatic event. It is up to you how you want to interpret it, but just know the positive message is in the air. Butterflies symbolize life, resurrection, change, hope and endurance. One can always find the light in the dark if they open their minds eye and look close enough. This is a 16x20 canvas painted with black, blue, purple and gray. On her third eye is a (secured) raw amethyst crystal (which helps to open the third eye), and I’ve added chips of amethyst in the “butterfly breath”. The butterflies are shells from Sanibel Island, Florida and I chose to put 11 of them on the canvas as it is an angelic number ✨🙏💜

Butterfly Breath