A 7 CHAKRA piece✨A 12 x 24 canvas painted light gray and white with 7  handmade seashell flowers. Each chakra (energy center) has its own location in the body, it’s own color, vibration and each flower has a specific amount of petals depending on its vibration (The more petals you have, the higher vibration/ frequency.). I’ve placed chips of healing crystals that are associated with/help balance/open each chakra. As you can see, a lot of thought, meaning and love is put into this piece! 🥰🌸⚓️🧘🏼
From 1st to 7th chakra here is what you’re looking at✨:
-Root Chakra/Red/4 petals/Garnet stone/Grounding
-Sacral Chakra/Orange/6 petals/Creativity
-Solar Plexus Chakra/Yellow/10 petals/Control
-Heart Chakra/Green/12 petals/Compassion
-Throat Chakra/Blue/16 petals/Communication -Third Eye Chakra/Indigo/2 (or 96) petals/ Intuition
-Crown Chakra/Purple/ 1,000’s of petals/Consciousness .

7 Chakra Canvas