Hamsa brings in positivity. It is used to ward off evil/negative energy, and brings luck, abundance and protection to its owner. One day I was thinking I wanted to do another mandala piece, but couldn’t figure out a pattern... so I closed my eyes and when I opened them (without a clear answer), I looked down at my yoga pants, saw the Hamsa and it just CLICKED! So, here is my yoga pant inspired piece 😂 ✨💜. This is on 5 panels of wood and given a distressed look. The Hamsa was hand-painted in white and soft blue, and decorated with chips of polished clear quartz crystals! Clear quartz rids of negative energies and amplifies intentions, so I felt this was a great duo! Approximate dimensions: 33.5 in L x 18.5 in W. 

Clear Quartz Hamsa