Another *ELEPHANT*. Why not?!
This time, this beauty was painted on 5 slabs of wood that has hints of white, blue, yellow and pink! There are many reiki infused healing crystals- her eyes are polished rose quartz, her crown consists of 4 clear quartz (2 polished and 2 pointed$, 6 pieces of amethyst (4 points & 2 polished), 7 handmade seashell flowers, other shells and artificial greenery. Lastly, her tusks are filled with chips of abalone shells that shimmer in the light! Through the crystals alone, this elephant sends comforting, soothing, relaxing, protecting and cleansing energies to your space! The symbolic meaning of an elephant is loyalty, good fortune, strength and wisdom! What room woolen benefit from this lovey lady?!

Flower Crown Elephant