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I have finally completed my Goddess version of Gaia, Mother Earth. She is hand painted, and made from handpicked driftwood, 22 handmade seashell flowers with reiki-infused healing crystal centers and some artificial greenery. Additionally, her necklace is made of rope, clear quartz, amethyst and rose quartz, and a few seashell butterflies have been placed in those glorious dreadlocks 🦋🤩. The healing crystals in the flowers include amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz. These crystals bring high vibrations of feminine energy that include unconditional love, peace, healing and softness. Can you feel it?! 🤩🥰✨💕. I wanted this to obviously feel earthy, but also wanted the Goddess’ beauty to be soft, yet raw. Approximate dimensions: 21 in L x 1.25 in D x 28 in H

Gaia Mother Earth ~ PRINT (16x20)