Peaceful Goddess Dream Catcher
The wooden ring is accented by 9 handmade seashell flowers with moonstone centers and some twine that make up a ☮️ sign. Strands of twine and white feathers hang from the ring, and 5 wire-wrapped clear quarts points are attached to the twine. They point towards the peace sign sending dreams/thoughts/prayers/ideas upwards into the universe for peaceful deliverance. Moonstone connects us to the divine feminine, nourishing our dreams/thoughts/prayers/ideas and brings clarity guided by your higher self. Clear quartz amplifies these vibrations, clears negativity and aligns all of the chakras. All crystals have been charged with reiki energy ✨🤗. 
Approximate dimensions: 14.5 in wide x 40 inches long.

Goddess Peace Dream Catcher