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The L O V E mandala šŸ’—. This is an 8x10 canvas painted a sandy gray background and the mandala was hand painted white. The crystals used are to manifest love - clear quartz and rose quartz. I started off painting without knowing where this was going, and Iā€™m not one to draw hearts, but I was feeling called to it- to create one specifically for the heart chakra... for l o v e.  Rose quartz is very healing for the heart, it is soothing and attracts love in your life! Clear quartz are considered activators in a grid, they help to amplify and manifest  intentions while bringing in a high vibe āœØ šŸ„°šŸ’—. Additionally, I added the iridescent seashells not only to bring in the pink colors, but also to use its swirls as a generator for the energy of the crystals šŸ˜āš“ļø.

L O V E Mandala