Moons, feathers and crystals! A magical, lunar piece that has a nautical and earthy twist 😍. The 8 phases of the moon are all painted discs of sliced handpicked driftwood (thanks to my step-dad!), and they have a pretty insane natural coloring! This moon piece also includes the *new moon*, which you don’t see often enough, if you ask me! The crystals secured to the ropes are angled and placed in a crystal gridding manner that allows for clearing, protection, healing and prosperity. Green Calcite connects us with our heart chakra, opening us up to love, healing and prosperity. Selenite is very clearing, protective and connects us to the angelic realm. I added a couple pics with a little more info, too!Approximate dimensions: 30 in L x  1 in D x 31 in H. 

Lunar Magic