The Magical Merimaid - A statement piece, for sure! This is a combination of a little paint and a lot of handpicked shells (from East Matunuck beach), a lot of jingle shells (from a variety of beaches), quartz rocks from our RI beaches, handfuls of polished clear quartz crystal chips, and one solid green calcite! Oh, and can’t forget the handmade seashell flower it rests in! If you take a close look at her tail you will find dozens of polished clear quartz chips between the scales 😍. While this was very time consuming, it was ultra meditative! Her hair is made of broken clam shells with perfect little curves to make for float hair! I’m not sure if the high vibe of the crystals were getting to me or if I was just hyper focused lol. Odds are good it was both!  Clear quartz crystals are great for aligning all the main chakras (energy centers in our bodies), and ridding of negative energies while amplifying the good ones! Green calcite brings stress relieving energies, it is known to bring balance and increase prosperity into your life! This mermaid was constructed on a large slab of wood that is prepped for hanging. Approximate dimensions: 3ft L x 1 in D x 11.5 in W.

Magical Mermaid