Here is an 18.5 x 24 mandala that I painted onto wood panels in white and soft green and jazzed up with some shells and reiki infused clear quartz and rose quartz crystals!! Rose Quartz soothes and opens the heart, bringing unconditional love and compassion for the self and others. Clear quartz amplifies energies of other crystals, clears negativity and raises the vibration in the room! The way I felt when painting is that I was symbolizing creating space for love to be born and released with the swirls in the shells helping to generate this energy and the “rainfall” of “beads” allowing the energy from the mandala to trickle down and out into the space. 
This mandala “haunted” me for weeks! I kept visualizing it and finally it has been born 😆! Woo-hoo! 🌸 

Mandala ~ Love & Compassion