I guess I have been feeling the mermaid/goddess vibes lately?! Here is  the back view of a mermaid with a seashell flower in her (swaying) driftwood hair. This mermaid collects treasures from the sea and turns them into beautiful and purposeful things! She victoriously holds a sharks eye shell in the air as she knows her finding will be transformed and repurposed into something great, just like her seashell bracelet 🤗. As she holds the shell up high, it’s as if it is an offering to the universe that its magic will be shared 🥰. Shark eye shells have a spiral which increases energy and creates change. The shells next to the pyrite crystals in her hair and ring work together to increase good luck and protection. (The shells and driftwood were all collected from different beaches!)This meaningful mermaid is  on framed, whitewashed wood and has been charged with Reiki energy✨. Approximate dimensions: 28 in L x 1.25 in D x 21 in H.

Manifesting Mermaid/Goddess