How cute are these mini glass jars?! These mini seashell flowers are handmade from handpicked shells,  and driftwood for the stem! Each flower has a healing crystal center that was made to give off specific healing vibrations. The jars are either filled with rocks, chips of crystals, broken shells and some white sand! These are approximately 66.5 in tall and 1.5 inches deep. 
This (middle) flower has rose quartz and amethyst in the center as well as in the bottle. Rose quartz brings vibrations of love, soothes heartache opens the heart chakra. Amethyst works well with the third eye- it enhances intuition, helps to relieve stress/anxieties and calm the mind. 
Each one is so unique and serves their own purpose! I’ve charged them up with reiki energy, so they are ready to bring those vibrations to you and your space 🤗🤩✨⚓️🌸.

Mini ZenFlower Flower- Rose Quartz & Amethyst