I couldn’t help myself (please read the meaning behind this). I saw a large and small shell, both with rocks calcified to the shell (not something I see often). So I saw a “mommy” and a “child” shell. If I had another I would have made this mine bc I have two daughters... it just means it was meant for someone else! .So here is a 12x12 canvas painted with “the yellow brick road”. It symbolizes the mom empowering and guiding her daughter on a long, successful and abundant life. The colors of yellow, orange and red were picked to symbolize happiness, success, ambition, courage and stability - the solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra and root chakra. In the journey, we encounter many ups and downs, twists and turns, hence, the hills and winding path. It also serves as a reminder that there is always light (the sun) at the end of every tunnel (the caving in of the trees). The trees also symbolize the importance of grounding ourselves and the magical connection we have to Mother Earth, as well. As a mom of 2 girls, I know I want them to embrace this life in a warm, inviting, positive manner. I want them to see success as something limitless, I want them to feel brave and beautiful, and I just want them to be their best selves, FOR themselves (that’s all 🤪😂). I know it was a long explanation, but this is truly a piece from my heart, to yours (whoever you are!). I’m just happy to share this for the sake of its meaning 💛🧡❤️. 

The Empowering Mother