Happy first day of Spring! You would think I’d have a ZenFlower post for you, but instead I am introducing Mother 🌎 Earth. She is large and in charge, and bursting with natural beauty, healing energy and powerful meaning. 
This is made from handpicked driftwood, seashells, amethyst, green calcite and dried bay leaves. 
Mother Earth gives life to this planet, which is what the snail shell resembles. The roots of the tree (Mother Earth) encompass’, protects and nurtures our earth as she stands tall and radiates with beauty. 
In the tree top you will find 11 pieces of Amethyst, 11 pieces of green calcite and 29 seashell flowers with rose quartz centers 😍. If I had counted the pieces of driftwood, one would think I was depleted of my inventory 😆. What a fun project! And now to find her a home!!!

Mother 🌎 Earth