Per usual, the moon was calling me, and go figure- we are in a *new moon* phase. This is a time for renewal and to set intentions for new ideas! These moons are magical as they are all made out of handpicked rocks (mostly quartz) from local R.I. beaches, and garnished with polished clear quartz crystals that have been given Reiki energy and symbols 🤗 😍. These rock moons are secured to a large slab of wood- truly a piece from Mother Earth! And just a fun side note: I made this piece in my (opened) garage with all that fresh new moon air circulating around us 😆. Call me crazy, or a witch (that’s a compliment), but the vibe couldn’t have felt better! Approximate dimensions: 3ft L x 1 in D x 11.5 in W. 🌒🌓🌕🌗🌘

Mother Earth Rock Moons