I’m calling this my Ocean House flower 😆. Why, you ask? Because these shells were part of my delicious appetizer at the @oceanhouseri and I could not let them get away from me 😂. The waitress did look slightly concerned for my well being when I asked for a box for my shells... can’t blame her there- but there’s no shame in my game 😆! Anyway, here is a handmade seashell flower on a driftwood stem with a large pyrite center. In the soft green glass vase are also chips of pyrite and clear quartz mixed in with white rocks. Pyrite is great for prosperity, good luck, mental clarity and is very protective against negative energy. The clear quartz helps to magnify those vibrations! I can’t even begin to tell you the kind of abundance I experienced after giving this beauty Reiki energy! It’s a powerful one ✨🥰. Approximate dimensions: 14 in H x 2 in D x 2 in W

Ocean House ZenFlower