A seahorse is a symbol of strength and power, and is known to be a good luck charm. This is a 16in x 20in canvas, painted a very soft gray/blue, and bordered with nautical rope. The seahorse is made from collected seashells, seaglass, rocks, driftwood and this time, 11 healing crystals were added to the mix: clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, selenite, green calcite, orange calcite, blue calcite, pyrite, amazonite, blue agate and a quartz from a local RI beach🤗💜. The high vibe this piece brings is no joke! There are vibrations of love, luck, healing, peace, clarity, ambition, intuition, harmony, calm. Additionally, all stones have been charged with reiki energy, which help to allow these crystals to send out their vibrations to their full potential ✨🙏.