A smudge wand embodying the 4 elements when smudging-

Earth (driftwood) water (seashells) fire (lighting sage), air (feathers). These four elements are all around us and within us. These elements are essential to life!
Smudging is meant to cleanse the air and energy around you/in your home. When you light sage, palo santo, etc. it is common to use a smudge stick/wand to spread the smoke. .
This smudge wand has a handpicked driftwood stem wrapped with twine and handpicked seaglass hanging from it (fun side note: the twine was wrapped around the driftwood 7 times to represent the 7 main chakras in the body, as well at the 7 feathers used🤩). In the center of the driftwood and feathers is a raw clear quartz crystal point. Clear quartz healing crystals rid of negative energy and give off high vibrations of good energy. The point directs this energy outward. Use this when cleansing your space with sage, palo santo, etc. and let the smoke and crystals work together to purify you and your space (double whammy 🤗😆).

Smudge Wand with Clear Quartz