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Strength in Joy, Joy in Strength. 
A lion embodies courage, strength and authority. A sunflower symbolizes resilience, joy and willpower.
This 36x36 canvas, painted in acrylics, symbolizes this message. It not only represents the symbology, but this creation holds the profound energy of this beautiful animal and flower. Within the painting (in the mane, the eye and the petals of the flower) are individually placed pieces of pyrite healing crystals! Pyrite has warrior energy and brings confidence and protection. In the center of the sunflower are tiny snail shells to give the effect of the disc florets. Snail shells are generators for energy! Bordering these shells are chips of citrine and other pointed shells to direct the energy outward. Citrine promotes willpower, happiness and success. This duo, combined with the crystals and reiki energy, makes for one powerful piece! This is more than just a painting ✨.

The inspiration for this piece came from a sketch of what I thought I might want as my first tattoo, and a couple of tarot cards from The Radiant Tarot deck. I drew the sketch and the next day, as I was brainstorming on what to paint next, I decided to pull two cards for inspiration. The first card was the Strength card, which had a lion’s face on it. And the second card was the Ace of Wands, which had a sun in it that reminded me of a sunflower (due to its pointed rays). The message was clear on what I had to do! And then the rest unfolded. It was such a divinely guided process and I am happy I was able to capture the majority of it on video for you to watch (posted previously)!

Strength In Joy, Joy In Strength