This is an 18x24 canvas painting of a fairy with a mermaid vibe! 5 seashell butterflies flutter around her, and her earring is an iridescent snail shell. Her crown is made from mini handmade mussel shell flowers and Hawthorne branches (watch out for the thorns!). Fairy’s have a reputation of being beautiful, magical and mischievous, but just like the thorns they are there to protect, and if you “cross” them, you will most likely regret it 🧚😆. Don’t let the beauty and soft nature mislead you 😉. Her eye is made of reiki/infused Amazonite healing crystals and her lips are chips of Lepidolite. Amazonite brings harmony and balance, while soothing energies. Lepidolite holds a calming energy and aids in connection to the divine. Fun fact: Lepidolite naturally contains lithium which is used in anti-anxiety medication!

Hang this fairy on your wall and feel the calming energies radiate while knowing that you are divinely protected🧚✨💜🙏. 

The Divine Fairy