If a fairy were watching you, this would be her eye 👁 🤩. I am calling this the eye of the fairy because of its vibe! Here is my detailed message about the thought and process behind this piece! 
The foundation is made of painted, live edge wood with handpicked driftwood for lashes, and handpicked shells and a variety of crystals make up the rest of the eye. The reiki-infused healing crystals include black tourmaline, pyrite, citrine and a really cool deep purple fluorite center. Additionally, there are chips of soft colored rocks and tiny shiny pieces of mirrored glass which DEFINITELY add to the fairy vibe. 

Did I EYE mention that the eye is a symbol of protection? Well black tourmaline repels negativity and the mirrored chips of glass act as reflectors for all that is NOT in alignment with you to be bounced back out into the universe. Did you get all of that?! 🤣. 
Approximate dimensions: 

The Eye Of The Fae