A piece for the third eye. A piece for the evil eye. A piece that sees deep into your soul. Each layer of this eye is made from natural elements. The oval piece of wood was painted white and given driftwood lashes. The layers of this reiki-infused eye start with a border of handpicked rocks, followed by a mixture of pyrite and 22 pieces of lapis lazuli, a ring of baby mussel shells, chips of peridot, and another ring of mussel shells. The pupil of the eye is made of chips of black tourmaline with a seashell flower center that holds a polished Iolite healing crystal, which is surrounded by more chips of peridot. There is depth and layers to this eye, just like yours. Her “healing eye” consists of energetic frequencies that are grounding, protective, heart and (third) eye opening, prosperous and abundant. So much energy!
Approximate dimensions: 28 in L x 16in H. 

Third Eye/Malocchio