Holy clear quartz! Here we have 7 handmade seashell flowers hung by twine and each strand rests on a twisted piece of burlap. These strands are tied to a uniquely shaped piece of driftwood- all handpicked from local RI beaches. Each strand has a large clear quartz point wrapped in copper wire. Copper is great for transmitting energy and clear quartz crystals are considered master healers, giving off cleansing, high vibrational energy! The seashells have soft tones of blue, white and hint of pink/orange. Hang this baby on a wall or in a window and feel all good vibes right before you 🥰⚓️🐚🙏🤩🤗🌸. Everything has been saged and cleansed/charged with Reiki energyDimensions: 32 inches tall and 22.5 inches wide.

ZenFlower Hanger