This was SO much fun to make! Here is a ZenFlower Wall Hanger that consists of 7 handmade seashell flowers from handpicked shells/rocks, one large green calcite healing crystal, 17 chips of amethyst, twine, feathers and a wooden ring! This is shown hung on a wall or in a window because it would look great in a little sunshine, too!  
🌸Green Calcite is great for connecting with the heart chakra (hence this crystal being in the center!), it is also grounding and helps you release what no longer serves you ✨. The amethyst chips surround the green calcite in a crystal gridding manner, bringing the stress reducing, anti-anxiety and calming vibes to your heart center - the place we all are hopefully working from 🥰. As usual, this has been cleared and charged with reiki energy ✨🙏🤩. Approximate dimensions:  10 inches wide x 32 inches long. 

ZenFlower Hanger ~ Heart Center