A ZenFlower ornament to bring in *POSITIVITY* to the mind, body and soul! The center has chips of carnelian, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine and black tourmaline. This combo rids of negative energy, bring happy/high vibrations of joy, and a clear, grounding mindset to achieve happiness. 
Here are 6 different ZenFlowers on whitewashed wood. These are smaller and just right for a Christmas tree, a stocking stuffer, a small knob, to hang in a window or even place on a desk! I made one for each chakra and incorporated the healing crystal that connects with that particular energy center. Above the flower I wrote what the healing crystal helps with ✨. All of these have been given reiki energy, and all of the symbols so that they are cleared, charged and giving off their highest vibrations!🤩✨🤗. 

ZenFlower Ornament - Positivity