I believe this was designed for an adorable air plant,  but I put a ZenFlower in it! Look at the sun shine in on the crystal, though!🤩. This is just the right size for a desk, shelf, or even a small table!
This is a handmade ZenFlower with a clear Quartz and amethyst center. She  made from handpicked shells from RI and FL. This beauty is also surrounded by a few “babies” with amethyst centers! Amethyst healing crystals bring vibrations of peace, relaxation and enhanced intuition. Clear quartz rids of negative energies and amplifies high vibrations- including the vibrations of other surrounding crystals! The point in the clear quartz emits these energies outward to you and your space 😍. The terrarium is glass and is filled with white sand ✨💜🌸🐚 .

ZenFlower Terrarium ~ Amplified P e a c e