The buyer pays for shipping. All items are final sales.  There are no returns.  If there are damages from shipping. repairs will be made to the best of my ability at no charge to the buyer.


Custom Order Cancellation Policy: 

The client must pay at least half the cost upfront (non-refundable) before beginning the project. Once the project is finished to your liking, the remainder of the payment will be requested (if not already given). If the piece is finished, and full payment was not made within 3 months after project completion, it will be listed for sale.


Cancellation Policy for Reiki and IET:

The client must give 24 hours notice, otherwise, payment will not be refunded.

Cancellation Policy for Workshops/Events:

All workshop costs are non-refundable, but don't worry- if you cant make it, someone else can use your credit! For private events/fundraisers of 5 or more, $100 will be charged if less than 1 week's notice is given.