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Virtual, 6-Week Spiritual Art Journey

An Art & Soul connection inspired by the 5 elements & the 7 chakras.

(Launching Winter 2024! Subscribe below to get on the LIST!!!)

Spiritual Art Journey Description:
This 6-week virtual workshop emphasizes a personalized, spiritual and intuitive journey of artistic expression through understanding and integrating the 5 elements with the chakra system in various ways. Combining the wisdom, qualities and symbolism with artistic expression and connection brings depth and richness to your inner work. Each fun-filled week will encompass support, guidance, personal growth, self-expression, meditative, mindful and peaceful practices that will intentionally impact your overall well-being. You will explore your personal creativity in a playful way that allows you to intuitively connect with your mind, body and soul. In doing so, you will learn how to utilize your knowledge of the elements and chakra system to manifest and align yourself with your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual desires. You will not only end your journey with an abundance of applicable knowledge, transformation and healing, but also with a collection of 5 profound pieces of healing art. You will end your Spiritual Art Journey feeling empowered by the amount of accomplishments you will gain- self-discovery, inner wisdom, authentic expression, spiritual connection and many mindful tools that you can confidently continue to use as an outlet to stay present, peaceful and connected to YOU, every day. Please note: there are two options for this journey- you can choose to participate within a group setting, or choose to journey independently (at a lower cost). While a group setting is encouraged and highly recommended, it isn't always ideal for everyone! The choice is yours!

Acrilic Paints

If the Spiritual Art Journey description spoke to you, dive deeper and learn more about what it will entail below:

What to expect during your Spiritual art Journey:

1- Intuitive Development & Elemental Empowerment: You will learn techniques and exercises to develop and strengthen your intuition, creatively. This may include practices such as meditation, mindfulness, journaling, and connecting with your inner guidance. Associating your chakras with the elements can amplify your personal connection to the natural world. You can draw on the strength and symbolism of each element to enhance your sense of empowerment, resilience, and groundedness within yourself, and the world around you.


2- Meditative/Energetic Healing and Restoration: You will engage in artistic expression with an intentional approach, creating space for restoration and healing on multiple levels. Your parasympathetic nervous system will be activated, allowing your body to go into rest and digest mode. This replenishes your energy, slows your heart rate, reduces stress/anxiety, and promotes a deep state of relaxation and restoration. Alpha and Theta brain waves will also be activated and you can enter into a deeply mindful "daydreaming" state which also improves mental and emotional well-being, increasing your personal creativity, improving your memory and learning capabilities.


2- Creative Exploration: Through various art modalities (your choice!) like painting, drawing, collage, poetry, dancing, music or even mixed media, you will explore different forms of artistic expression (again, you get to choose!). You will be encouraged to experiment, play, and let go of self-judgment, allowing your intuition to guide your creative process. Let the inner work and teachings enlighten, inspire and lead your intuitive expression!


3- Intuitive Art Techniques: Specific techniques will be used that enhance intuitive expression in art. This may involve working with symbols, colors, textures, and intuitive mark-making to tap into deeper meanings and subconscious insights within your artwork… While you will be guided, ultimately, it is you that gets to decide what speaks to YOU!


4- Self-Reflection and Interpretation: You will engage in reflective exercises to deepen your understanding of the messages and emotions conveyed through your very own art. You will learn how to interpret your creations, uncover hidden insights, and gain personal growth and self-awareness through the art-making process.


5- Group Support and Sharing: The program will give you the opportunity to connect with a supportive community of fellow creators during the entire intuitive art journey. Sharing experiences, insights, and artwork within a safe and non-judgmental environment can enhance the transformative nature of this program. Sharing is always optional, and can be extremely beneficial, supportive and nurturing when taken advantage of! It is highly recommended that all participants take advantage of the opportunity to not only connect within the program, but to STAY connected! 


6- Guidance From Alana, Your Intuitive Art Coach: Through years of experience with energetic healings and intuitive understanding of creating from within, Alana will act as a guide, mentor, and facilitator. You will be supported in deepening your intuitive connection, expanding your artistic expression, and accessing the transformative power of art as a way to heal. You will be encouraged to independently access your intuition during creation mode, and will be given the tools, prompts and motivation to do so. Additionally, you will also receive any intuitive/clairvoyant insights (from Alana) to enhance the healing experience of artistic expression.


7- Manifestation and Intention Setting: Utilizing the elements alongside chakras can amplify your manifestation and intention-setting practices. Each element carries distinct manifesting properties that can enhance your ability to align your desires with universal energies.


8- Stress Reduction and Relaxation: The calming and grounding attributes of certain elements and chakras, such as Earth, can help alleviate stress and induce a sense of calm and safety when applied to specific chakras like the Root chakra.


9- Spiritual Growth and Transformation: The integration of chakras and elements can accelerate your spiritual journey by providing a comprehensive framework for personal growth and transformation. This combination encourages you to work on multiple levels of consciousness simultaneously.

As said in other words before, my mission with ANCHORED ArtFlow ACADEMY is to help individuals cultivate their intuition, access their creative flow, and use art as a tool for self-discovery, healing, and personal transformation. It provides a nurturing space for participants to explore their inner world, connect with their authentic voice, be vulnerable within a supportive community and embrace the joy of intuitive artistic expression! I look forward to holding space for you, and becoming your Intuitive Art Coach!


With love & gratitude,


Anchored Soul


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