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Workshops, Private Parties & Events

Time to create with Anchored Soul !

Book a private event, sign up for a workshop or contact me for a collab/to hold a workshop at your business!


I offer a variety of of private functions suitable for all occasions from arts & crafts team-building workshops, to private Reiki sessions for friends/family, to collaborative events such as; reiki-infused sound journeys.

These events are wonderful for small or large groups,
and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination, but take a look below to see what I mean!

Classes can be booked for your location, or I can provide a location depending on your needs. Just contact me and we can create a memorable event for you, your friends and love ones.
I am also available to host workshops in shops, restaurants, hotels, schools, etc.

What's better than an experience with friends, family or co-workers? Join one of the group workshops where YOU get to tap into your own intuitive creativity through different forms of expression (YES, you ARE creative- embrace however that is revealed!)

Meditation & Mandala Workshop

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This is an intuitive workshop that starts with a guided meditation and ends with a healing piece of art! You will either gain inspiration from the 10-15 min meditation, or find a grounded, peaceful state to create from. Allow the colors, shapes, crystals, rocks, shells etc. that you incorporate in your mandala to mirror the beautiful energy you're working with! This can be done as a "free-draw" method, or you can utilize the provided stencils as a guide. All materials are provided, most of which are handpicked! This workshop is 1.5-2 hrs long and is $75 PP (price is subject to change).


Rock Family Workshop

During the Rock family workshop you will paint an 8x10 canvas one solid color, (or use a 9x9 shadow box- an upgrade), then choose from a variety of rocks, driftwood, and shells to create your own family, couple or friends. Include pets, angels, butterflies, etc. This class is approx. 1.5 hrs and is $60 per person (price subject to change), all materials included. 

The majority of the materials used are handpicked from local beaches, making it that much more special!


ZenFlower Workshop

A ZenFlower workshop is where you create a flower that never dies! It involves choosing a premade seashell flower (with an empty center), driftwood for the stem. Assemble & decorate it with intention, healing crystals, sea glass, lace, charms, wire, twine, rocks and more. This class is approx. 1.5 hrs and is $65 per person (price subject to change), all materials are included and most (If not all) are handpicked from local beaches!

Optional (at additional cost): Enhance this workshop by starting with a 10-15 min guided meditation channeled  Alana

Past Workshops and Events 

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