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 Hi! I am Alana, owner of Anchored Soul- I am an intuitive mixed media artist and an energy healer.

When I was first introduced to Reiki, I was in a place where I was so caught up in the day-to-day, that I had (unknowingly) lost connection with my purpose- ART. Reiki has not only put me in alignment with my soul's passion of becoming a true artist, but it gave me the courage and clarity to retire from being a dental hygienist of 10 years, and dive right into my heART. It has been undeniably healing to my mind, body, and spirit, and has assisted me in releasing intense grief from personal loss.  


I have always been empathetic and nurturing towards others and their needs, so when I realized I could be that conduit for healings through art and energy, I knew I needed to become a Reiki Master/Teacher! Since becoming a RMT, I have expanded on it through other holistic trainings and intuitive practices such as; Integrated Energy Therapy, Munay-Ki and reading Tarot. It has been a rewarding and magical ride!

 When I found my creativity, I found me. Part of my mission is to also help guide, inspire and teach others to do that for themselves!

I look forward to connecting with you soon -

whether that be through trainings, workshops a custom order, or at an art show!

Love & Gratitude. 

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Alana Almonte

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"Everything happens for a reason, and a good one"

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