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What is an Intuitive Art Coach?

how can one support me on my journey?


An intuitive art coach can guide you in various ways to support and enhance your intuitive art journey. What you can expect within Anchored ArtFlow Academy:


Creating a Safe and Nurturing Space: An intuitive art coach creates a safe and non-judgmental environment where you feel comfortable expressing yourself through art. They foster a supportive space that encourages exploration, creativity, and self-discovery.


Clarifying Intentions and Goals: The coach helps you clarify your intentions and goals for your intuitive art practice. They work with you to identify what you hope to achieve, explore, or heal through your artistic expression, and assist in setting meaningful and achievable objectives.


Developing Intuition & Spirituality: An intuitive art coach can guide you in developing and trusting your intuition. They may offer exercises, techniques, and prompts to help you tap into your inner guidance, deepen your connection with your spiritual self, and learn to trust the messages and insights that arise during the creative process.


Exploring Different Art Techniques: The coach can introduce you to various art techniques and mediums that align with your intuitive art practice. They may guide you in experimenting with different materials, textures, colors, and styles to expand your artistic repertoire and discover new ways of expressing yourself intuitively.


Providing Feedback and Reflection: An intuitive art coach offers feedback and reflection on your artwork. They help you explore the symbolism, themes, and emotions conveyed through your creations, guiding you in interpreting and understanding the deeper meanings and insights that arise from your intuitive expression.


Encouraging Self-Reflection: The coach supports your self-reflection process by asking thought-provoking questions, guiding journaling exercises, or facilitating group discussions. They help you explore the personal significance of your artwork, encouraging deeper self-awareness, healing, and personal and spiritual growth.


Offering Support and Encouragement: An intuitive art coach provides ongoing support, encouragement, and motivation throughout your artistic journey. They celebrate your progress, validate your experiences, and offer guidance during challenges or creative blocks, helping you stay inspired and motivated to continue exploring your intuitive art practice.


Customizing the Experience: An intuitive art coach tailors their personal, spiritual and clairvoyant guidance to your specific needs, interests, and goals. They take into account your unique strengths, preferences, and areas of growth to create a personalized coaching experience that supports your individual journey of intuitive artistic expression.


Through their expertise, experience, and intuitive understanding, an intuitive art coach acts as a spiritual guide, mentor, and facilitator, supporting you in deepening your intuitive connection, expanding your artistic skills, and accessing the transformative power of intuitive art.

Meet Intuitive Art Coach & founder of Anchored ArtFlow Academy


of Anchored Soul

My mission as your Intuitive Art Coach:

Hello! My name is Alana Almonte, artist and Reiki Master/Teacher of Anchored Soul. My intention with Anchored ArtFlow Academy is to hold a playful, safe, non-judgmental and creative space for each unique individual. I want to help you lean into your creativity as a way to ground, connect, awaken and heal through art. I want to guide you in utilizing your inner wisdom to discover peace, freedom, meditation, and deeper insights as you connect with your authentic self for a personalized healing journey. In addition to your inner wisdom, I will share any intuitive/clairvoyant insights I sense or receive to enhance, inspire or enlighten you along the way! My goal is to EMPOWER you to not only become an active participant in your own healings, but to provide you a healthy support system that continuously encourages you to allow your artistic expression to positively impact your mind, body and soul!

Why out of all things is creative energy specifically important in our everyday life?

Creative energy is intuitive. We all have it. It’s that innate force or vitality within you that encourages and generates innovation, excitement, solutions, inner peace and authentic self-expression. If we let our creative energy flow, it naturally reduces stress and anxiety, as it helps us to adapt to change and feel at ease with the ebbs and flows of life. We can access our imagination and intuition in ways that build confidence, joy and success. Each and every one of us is valuable for different reasons, and it’s our creative self that is responsible for bringing that out of us! 

In my opinion, I think being in tune with your creative energy and allowing it to thrive can really allow you to live in a much happier space, which affects relationships, your career, your mindset and your overall health. So my question for you is: Are you aware of your creativity? How do you express yourself?

Through my own spiritual work and energetic healings, I have found that it has helped me tremendously to connect with my intuitive and authentic self. I’m able to express myself especially through art. Art for me is painting, sculpture and mixed media. Sometimes it’s in the way I arrange my crystals or treat a client. My creativity has helped me to perceive life and circumstances in a different way that allows me to have more positivity, patience and gratitude! I just have a much deeper and grounded connection with myself and I think everybody deserves to feel that way!

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