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A creative connection with the energy system

Chakra Healing Journey Description:

This 8-week journey is a mindful program often combined with Alana's Reiki trainings (which you can learn more about this combination here). This program emphasizes a very personalized spiritual and intuitive healing journey through connecting with the chakra system in various (expressive) ways. Each fun-filled week will set you up for success to learn about your energy system, to find intuitive ways to connect with yourself, to do the inner-work and to make time for meditation, journaling and other mindful practices. While this is a self-study course, and you will be given all materials needed for the 8 weeks at one time, you will still have access to Alana through the exclusive Facebook group comprised of previous and current students. This can be used for accountability, sharing, Q&A and basic guidance! If you are in need of 1:1 time, that can be requested based off of your needs and pricing will be based off of Alana's hourly rate.

You can expect to experience personal growth, deep states of relaxation, self-expression, and energetic clearings that will intentionally impact your overall well-being. You will explore your personal creativity in a playful way that allows you to intuitively connect with your mind, body and soul. You will learn about each individual chakra and be more in tune with your personal energy system. This program is also designed for you to apply your knowledge and teachings to your artistic expression (if you wish). This could be through painting, music, dance, poetry, knitting, cooking, etc. The goal is for you to end your Chakra Healing Journey feeling grounded, empowered, and at peace with the amount of knowledge and inspiration you will gain- the self-discovery, intuitive wisdom, authentic creative expression, and many mindful tools that you can confidently continue to use as an outlet to stay present, peaceful and connected to YOU, every day.

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If the Self-Study Chakra Healing Journey description spoke to you, dive deeper and learn more about what it will entail below:

What to expect during your Chakra Healing Journey:

1-Stress Reduction and Relaxation: The calming and grounding attributes of personal Reiki treatments and the (pre-recorded) channeled guided meditations alleviate stress, induce a sense of calm, supports energetic clearings and deep states of relaxation.


2- Meditative/Energetic Healing and Restoration:  Your parasympathetic nervous system will intentionally be activated on a weekly basis, allowing your body to go into rest and digest mode. The Reiki attunement(s) will open your energy system to give you the ability to channel healing energy. 

3- Creative Exploration & Expression: There will be the (optional) opportunity to dive into your creativity. You will be encouraged to experiment, play, and let go of self-judgment, allowing your intuition to inspire and guide your creative process, however that looks to you!

4- Self-Reflection and Interpretation: You will engage in spiritual, reflective exercises helping you learn how to interpret and uncover hidden insights, supporting your personal growth and self-awareness.

5- Goal Setting & Self-Care: Dedicate this time to make a routine for self-care and begin a mindful, healing practice for your own personal growth and/or for others. As you learn and become inspired by the materials, reflect and create goals for further advancement and continued self-love.


6- Intuitive Guidance/Training : You will receive any intuitive/clairvoyant insights and learn techniques (from Alana) to help guide you on your personal and energetic journey as a reiki practitioner. 


7- Manifestation and Intention Setting: You will learn how connecting with the universal life force energy and your personal energy can bring about magical happenings in your life, and be given tools to help manifest/release them!


8-Strengthen Intuition: You will learn techniques and exercises to develop and harness your intuition, as well as methods to remove energetic blockages and channel positive energy. This may include practices such as meditation, mindfulness, journaling, and connecting with your inner guidance.


9- Spiritual Growth and Transformation:  You will learn about the 7 main chakras, and combine this knowledge with every day life. This will foster a deeper connection with the self and others, supporting any change(s) and encouraging healing to take place.

10- Communal Support: There is strength in numbers and coming together to learn, heal and grow as a collective while sharing our experiences makes for a powerful journey! The opportunity to connect will be daily through the exclusive Facebook group, via the weekly live Zoom calls and during the 1-day Reiki training(s) which are in-person, or virtual (your choice).

What YOU Will Acquire From Investing In The

8-Week (Self-Study) Chakra Healing Journey, plus BONUSES!


  • Upon registration you will receive your packet that will include the following materials for each of the 7 chakras, including an introductory week!

  • Eight weeks worth of: spiritual practices, inner-work prompts and educational/informative content to inspire you as well as your intuitive artistic expression (whatever that might be!). 

  • Lifetime access to the exclusive Facebook group for sharing, accountability, Q&A and support!

  • Seven Reiki- infused guided meditations intuitively/psychically created by Alana to open your intuition and inspire your intuitive mind.

  • Seven deep, informational dives into a particular Chakra, PLUS an introductory week with content/videos.

  • Suggested/Recommended articles, podcasts, books, and more

  • Unlimited potential of emotional release, self-expression, stress-reduction, self-awareness, intuition development, healing, transformation and spiritual support

  • Priceless moments of de-stressing in the present time

  • Priceless tips and tools to keep in your back pocket for a LIFETIME!

  • Priceless moments of self-care, introspection and personal growth

  • Complimentary 30 min Chakra Healing Discovery Session with Alana- upon request. This could help bring clarity towards goal setting, your creative expression, receiving tips, tricks and other personalized spiritual guidance! (priceless)


  • Exclusive Access to content including videos from Alana’s 8-week online "creative empowerment" course: “Awaken Your Creative Energy”! ($500 value)

  • 10% discount on ANY 1 piece of Anchored Soul Art by Alana Almonte (up to $500 value) within 8 weeks of purchasing the program!

8-week Chakra Healing Journey_edited.jpg

8-Week Chakra Healing Journey

Self-Study (Self-care) INVESTMENT:

Chakra Healing Journey Breakdown:

Enrollment fee: $198

8-Week Chakra Healing Journey Value (not including Bonus offerings!): $1,197

Total: $1,395

NEW PRICE: $697 (plus $0 enrollment fee)

CLICK HERE to ADD Reiki Training(s) to your 8-week journey!


You can complete this program at your own pace, on your own time, independently. You will still have the ability to contact Alana for basic Q&A via e-mail! Be sure to redeem your complimentary Chakra Healing Discovery session if you want to discuss how you can best navigate through your 8-week journey! Alana is happy to help!

*Please note that all sales are final.


*You can immediately schedule your complimentary Chakra Healing Discovery session after registering- reach out via e-mail to schedule

*Pricing does NOT include the cost of art materials that you may be using- each participant is responsible for supplying their own materials which has an approximate cost of $65 (a list will be provided in case you want to go this route and need some guidance!).

*If payment needs to be made in installments, I am happy to accommodate you!

*All program bonus offerings expire within 8 weeks of purchasing the program.

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