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Are you looking to find a healing piece of artwork?

Want something that is "Out of Stock"?

Do you have a vision that you would like to come to life?

It is even possible that I can incorporate YOUR collected treasures (rocks/shells/seaglass/driftwood/crystals, etc.) to make it even more meaningful!


Custom Orders created just for You

I am happy to dive into the healing aspect of a piece of art for you, or we can keep it "simple" and go with a general idea of something you have in mind; such as a beach scene, or a type of seashell flower! However, I would like to share more about the healing artwork and what that entails, as it is a very unique offering!


This would be a piece of artwork intuitively channeled for YOU! It will hold reiki-infused vibrations and frequencies that resonate with your intention to provide a continuous output of positivity and healing. It can be a mixed media painting (choose your size), or sculpture art (driftwood, shells, rocks, etc.). This can include pieces/the essence of guides, angels, spirit animals, healing crystals, your energetic needs in order to release, attract or imprint other energies, chakra balancing, past life traumas, ancestral healing, future goals and desires... You catch my drift! You can even give me sentimental pieces to add to your healing art!

Here are a few ways I can collect/intuitively gather this information:

~Have an in depth one-to-one conversation (with a series of questions)

~Gather energetic findings during your reiki session (99.9% of the time I channel Spirit Animals!)

~Inspiration from a Tarot/Angel card reading


The consultation/information gathering process is COMPLIMENTARY!

All customized spiritual healing art orders start at a minimum of $555.

~A non-refundable deposit of $555 is required to place an order, and a payment plan can be put in place for the remainder.

~Size, shape, medium, materials and your budget will all be discussed within the consultation, and you will receive a quote (I will not create something outside of your budget- I will assess your needs/goals, give you a price range, and either agree or adjust from there!).

~Once the order is paid in full, creation will begin within 0-6 weeks and can take 0-3 months to complete as I want to give ample amount of time, energy and dedication to each individual piece! I also like to work with the moon cycles for certain energies to enhance the creation and channeling process!

Once all of the information/payment is gathered, I will begin creating within the timeframe stated above. In addition to your physical piece, you will receive digital photos of your customized piece. With each order that is placed, the customer gives the artist (me) the right to share it in my portfolio, on social media, and the rights to create prints to sell to the public.

Fun fact: Research shows that when you look at a piece of art, the neurons in your brain are potentially firing the same neurons the artist did when creating the piece. Neurons are information messengers. They use electrical and chemical signals to send information between different areas of the brain, as well as between the brain, the spinal cord, and the entire body. So between the physical energy of the art and the impact it has on the brain, there is potential for more than one person to receive healing from your piece alone! What a gift! Not to mention, we are never alone in our journey, and can find healing, peace and abundance through others healings and experiences! Why not share the love!?

To inquire about your very special and sacred creation, fill out the form below:
(Below you will find photos of pieces I have created in the past. Always check out my Instagram (@ANCHOREDSOULRI) page for the latest and most up-to-date pieces!)

Inquire about any customized art!

Thanks for submitting!

I can't wait to get creative with you!

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