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Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, beauty and fertility ✨🐚🌸💜. 
This is probably my biggest piece, yet! I read up on Aphrodite, researched visuals of her and chose specific healing crystals and flowers to create this piece of love ✨. I had actually picked the scallop shell to use before deciding which Goddess to work with.  It was clear in my research who I needed to channel 🤗- Aphrodite is always depicted standing on a scallop shell (symbolizing fertility)! I added Rose Quartz and green calcite to connect with the heart chakra for love and compassion, pyrite for abundance and manifestation, and lastly, clear quartz points to amplify these intentions. Her hair, eyes, nose and eyebrows are all made from handpicked driftwood 🤩. I read that when working with this goddess frankincense and myrrh are essential oils that she favors.. so I, of course, used them while working! She also has artificial greenery,  jingle shells, and extra pieces of green calcite in her crown :) Approximate dimensions: 28 in L x 1.25 in D x 21 in H.


Aphrodite ~ PRINT (16x20)



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