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Introducing Blue Lotus Sails- made from handpicked driftwood, mussel shells, twine and rope, and topped with a seaglass flag 😊. The sails are decorated with rope and on the base of the boat is a handmade lotus flower with a beautiful, reiki-infused clear quartz point center. Clear quartz cleanses energy, it aligns the chakras and amplifies high vibrations. A little background about the Blue Lotus meaning: The Blue Lotus in Buddhism is the symbol of the victory of the spirit over the senses, of intelligence and wisdom, of knowledge. The Blue Lotus of the Nile was the most sacred of plants, prized above all others. The plant was associated with the sun god Ra as the bringer of light.✨
Approximate dimensions: 32 in L x 7 in D x 32 in H

Blue Lotus Sails