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The message here is that love isn’t always sweet. It can be messy and dysfunctional, but despite the flaws, love finds a way to bring you back home- home is what these two see each other as.

In the undercoat I wrote words for affirmation to cultivate the energy I wanted this piece to have, vibrationally (you might be able to see them, and the hearts in the photo!).

Some of the words I chose were: connection, unconditional love, sensual, passion, honesty, moon, stars, magic. Additionally, I added hearts and infinity symbols 🤩🤗

This 24x18 canvas is painted with acrylics and alcohol inks, and finished with zenflowers with amethyst centers and pyrite. Amethyst brings a sense of calm and pyrite brings that grounding, optimistic energy. Together, these crystals work to find deep inner peace that is imbedded between the two to bring joy and ease!